Friday, January 30, 2015

Old writing

She said, “The middle-aged man inside me, who wants to exchange his habits for new ones, who wants to jump the rails and zigzag like a knight on a chessboard, loves you.”

He said, “The fiery critic inside me, who sneers at the crows in the morning, who hates her mother’s cooking, who giggles when puppies lick her hand, loves you.”
She said, “The boy inside me, who collects leaves to make a deck of cards, who is daily fed the love of his quiet mother, who chased the class bully round the block and got detention for it, whose face glows like a happy moon, who fiddles with the lint in his right pocket, loves you.”

He said, “The lonely giraffe inside me, who forages the treetops with a song in his head, loves you.”