Sunday, November 16, 2014

Buy an artwork, help a kid sleep easy

I am raising money to buy some essentials for my family (like a bed for my adorable kid) and am selling my paintings at mate's rates, so get in while you can!

These are high quality watercolours on Hannemuhle paper without frames, with a wide range of sizes from dinner table size (which is unusual for a watercolour, hence impressive) to a more compact A4 size.

Whether it's my paintings, performances or projects with Parlour, art is a way for me to communicate generosity and élan vital to others.

When I make a watercolour painting, I want the joy of the medium to be on display. For me, it's important that the electricity of the brushstroke/line gets transferred onto the viewer, you know? Zap!

Cascade 52.7 x 34.5cm (c) Lydia Chai

These paintings grew out of my fascination with aerial roots, the kind you see on orchids or mangroves. It's awesome how aerial roots can subsist off the ground, garnering nutrients from the air around them.

In these paintings, I use the roots as a metaphor for being without a homeland, at the same time being able to flourish on one's own.

It's like we artists are aerial roots ourselves, able to traverse cultures and discourses, while making art that is informed by different environments and ideas.

Plethora 115 x 69cm (c) Lydia Chai

I sometimes paint in a very large format which is unusual for watercolour works. If you've ever stretched watercolour paper, you know how difficult this makes the whole process!

Plethora (above), for eg, is the largest watercolour that I've done using the largest brushes that I own. This is to create a more effective or immediate transfer of energy from the work to the viewer. The large scale of the work also references my bodily size.

Moby Dick Part II 42.5 x 32.5cm (c) Lydia Chai

I've always thought of these paintings as visual puzzles that I set up for myself to solve, like how to balance energy and movement within a composition. 

For eg, you can see broad brushstrokes akin to calligraphy butted up against more rigid and clearly delineated forms, creating tension between the loose and rigid.  

It's a lot like music, really...
Treble 32 x 25cm (c) Lydia Chai

...balancing colours, tonality, ‘weight’ and humour within a painting is an exercise in rhythm!

After Angkor Wat 30 x 21cm (c) Lydia Chai
So buy yourself a friendly work of art! You'll be making one gorgeous baby a happy (sleepy) camper while you're at it. 

Email me - cloudsofcoffee  at  yahoo  dot  com - for the price list and more information. Prices start at NZD50.

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