Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home on my mind (updated post)

I have been watching news video items on the web chronicling the Altantuya murder case, reading more protests about the mega tower, watching the Prime Minister's wife's insipid yet chilling karaoke video and finding out that Malaysia may be bankrupt in 2019


I think I will tuck in early tonight and continue reading Sybil Kathigasu's war memoir, No Dram Of Mercy. She is Malaysia's famous war hero who helped the guerrillas fight against the Japanese in WWII. I will read this to remind me why I'm proud of Malaysia...

(update) I'm almost done reading this book and every time I put it down, tears well up in my eyes. (It can get embarrassing when I am reading at my office desk!)

This woman and her friends fought so bravely and mightily for our freedom.

And we frikkin throw that freedom away.

We frikkin don't deserve to claim these people as our heroes. 


Sybil Kathigasu

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