Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Malaysian Essays

Happy Malaysia Day, everyone. 

(For the benefit of my non-Malaysian friends, this is not to be confused with Independence Day.) 

As a special Malaysia Day gift, Matahari Books has generously uploaded New Malaysian Essays Vol.3 as a free download. Yay! It looks like quality material. 

So far, I have read Wong Chin Huat's How To Demonstrate Creatively: A Manual of Innovative Civil Disobedience in Malaysia. Now that's something you wouldn't be able to buy off the shelf in Malaysia! Admittedly, the tone of this essay is a little dumbed down, but just skip to the bits where he offers ten suggestions for creative demonstration in Malaysia. They're not so much ten suggestions as a list of actual demonstrations attempted by various individuals and groups in Malaysia in recent years. I quite like this one:
On September 16 1999, hundreds of Malaysians - Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Taoist, Atheist - had decided to fast together an act of protest and solidarity. How effective. Actually, I nearly choked up when I read that one. I'm a real sop for that sorta thing.

NME Vols.1 and 2 are actual physical books for sale. You can order them from the Matahari website, if you're intrigued.

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