Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad Lieutenant

I have just watched Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant. Now that's fine moviemaking. It's disturbing and funny. It's fantastical and gritty. It's about a corrupt policeman who solves crimes in the most nefarious of ways, and nevertheless manages to get promoted. Since he has no moral compass, he does not solve crimes to pursue justice; he does it mostly to save his own skin. In fact, almost everything he does is a selfish act. He knows this. He stares his own doom in the face and laughs.

Nicholas Cage is an actor who hams it up - a lot - instead of acting like a normal human being. Yet he is very watchable, because he channels all that intensity to make the story believeable. It's like some sort of hyperreal acting. Or extreme comedy.

Herzog fans must have chuckled to themselves when they saw iguanas and crocodiles in some hallucinatory scenes. This film is set in New Orleans but it looks like Herzog couldn't help himself and brought the jungle to New Orleans.

"Shoot him one more time, his soul's still dancing". That line is from the awesomest scene in this movie.

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