Sunday, February 7, 2010

More gems from Latif Kamaluddin

In the wake of Anwar's sacking in 1998, I found solace in a book of poetry by Latif K called Bad Breath and Fireproof Drag Queens, Otherwise Known As Khepa's Dilemma Being A Concretoceptual Celebration of Irrelevant Research (2002). I had discovered it in my favourite bookstore, Silverfish Books, and was probably drawn to the striking cover depicting (presumably) the poet himself sporting a long beard and sunnies.

It is a weird and lively collection of word art; a mix of political satire, horny verse and philosophical meanderings. Take this piece, for instance:

Ya lor.

Now that the Anwar saga has reared its ugly head around again, I am refreshed by Encik Kamaluddin's frankness in saying what is on all our minds: that the sodomy charges against him are absurd and that this is a show trial.

His cheekiness reminds me of Antares. His tired sarcasm (or is it feigned resignation? I can't decide) reminds me of Patrick Teoh.