Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in Auckland

It is always painful leaving family, friends, the tropics, the madness, and all the love and goodwill that comes with Home.

Every time I visit my home country, I feel replenished and equipped with more life skills. This is because my 'cultural elders' - older family members, mentors, spiritual partners - are always giving me 'one last piece of advice', like thrusting gold nuggets into my palm before I return to my life in ang-moh country, New Zealand. I truly am held up by a whole village of people who love and care about me.

How I deserved to be so fortunate, I don't know.

Ten thousand miles between us but I carry you within me wherever I go.

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Anonymous said...

You're really fortunate (not in a I'm-so-jealous way, but I'm so glad glad glad because you deserve it!) to have a support network of people who've known you, know where you come from and have a pretty good inkling of how hard it is to make it out here on your own. Lydia, you're my hero and an inspiration. I'm extremely honoured to have you as one of my dearest friends here in Aucks (and I'll say this of Kah Bee too). xxxLiyen