Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan Verwoert

I like the way Mr Verwoert writes about art. From his article Standing on the Gates of Hell, My Services Are Found Wanting:
Standing on the gates of hell, my services are found wanting. For I cannot give you what you want. What you want from me, here, on the gates of hell, is to open the gates and let you in. But I cannot do that. I don’t even see why that service should still be required. Because you have already passed the gates. You are inside. You live in contemporary hell. You inhabit the hell of the contemporary. And now you want me to perform the rite to confirm your passage? And give you reasons for being in there? I’m sorry, I can’t. To grant you a license to be where you are does not lie within my powers. Thus powerless I remain, standing on the gates of hell, observing what passes and sharing my observations with you.

Passing the gates of hell, you get everything you ever wanted. And everything you wanted is all you are ever going to get. Nothing more. Just that. Exactly what you wanted. Everything included. In hell. ...
I wish more art writing, especially n Malaysia, could be this way: writing that is so obviously inspired, earnest, confident, open, clever (I don't mind showiness sometimes), energized... Imaginative.

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