Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christina Poblador's perfume bar

The Singapore Art Museum is currently celebrating art from the Philippines and by far the most engaging work is Christina Poblador's Halimuyak ng Ma-i. It is a display of the various perfumes Poblador has created to evoke the culture, history and her memories of the Philippines. Yes, a very ambitious project indeed, and Poblador is only in her early twenties. She even crafted the glass decanters herself. Behold, how exquisite:

This one's called Wasted Youth. A sweet-smelling scent, it tells the story of the poor children who sell jasmines to help their families earn a living. Hence its sad title:

The perfume titled Gobyerno (Government) is kept in a decanter depicting the struggles of government. The two figurines on top show the precarious nature of governments:

This one had to do with families. The scent was a mixture of sweat and vinegar to remind us of the sacrifices we make for our families:

More perfumes:

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