Monday, December 28, 2009

Bookish news

Yippee, the holidays means I get to read even more than usual. Here are some NZ book news.

Sam Hunt, Sam Hunt

has just been interviewed by Kim Hill. You'll know by now that he's one of my favourite poets. Bask in his ebullience and that famous laugh. If you're hungry for more Sam, he appears on Kiwi FM's Radio Wammo breakfast show at 8.40am sharp every Friday, in a segment called Sam Hunt's A Little Something For The Weekend.

Karl meet CK, CK meet Karl

Our man CK Stead has written a short piece about his travels abroad in the latest edition of Booknotes (download here).

Emily Perkins

I am in the thick of The New Girl, having been wowed by her masterpiece Novel About My Wife. Perkins also has an article published in the latest Booknotes, on writing from different points of view. May I add that her first person voice in Novel About My Wife is perfect (might blog about this at a later time).

Pecha Kucha

Pencil this in for 12 February 2010. Fourteen speakers, including CK Stead, Emily Perkins and Michelle Leggot (our former poet laureate) will have 20 seconds to talk about each of the 20 images they've picked out to share with an audience. Beyond that, I've no idea what's in store, but it's got CK, and it's cheap, and it's accessible. Shed 12, 91 Wellesley St, Auckland, from 8pm, $10 door sales.

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