Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sam Hunt

Here's another giant who walks the earth. Sam Hunt is arguably New Zealand's best known living poet. Not only that, he is a full-time poet.

I have just been given his latest book, Backroads: Charting A Poet's Life. It is a beautiful book which makes me think Sam's a lucky guy indeed, since writers don't get much of a say in the appearance of their books. Everything about this book wows me: the stories, the paper quality, the reproductions of typewritten and handwritten poems, and the lovely story about his beloved dog Minstrel.

Have a listen to a podcast of his musical collaborations here. I'd love vinyls of these recordings but apparently they are extremely rare. My favourite pick in this podcast is "Your body has no flaw" - it verges on the ridiculous, rather like Leonard Cohen's amusingly absurd women-worshipping poems.

Your body has no flaw - for now
You live outside the law...

Buttocks breast and thigh
Curved apples where I lie
Your calves another shore
Your body has no flaw...

And here's a delightful Sam Hunt radio appearance.

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