Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics vs Chin Chai

Written (half-seriously) after some opted to watch the Olympics on the telly instead of attending Chin Chai:

People need the spectacle.

People need the stories, the myths and the legends just as importantly as breathing.

The spectacle mesmerizes, dictates and unifies.

Does that mean that people want to be mesmerized, dictated to, united?

But I'm not saying that Chin Chai is not a spectacle, too. It is.

It is the spectacle of two young, female artists collaborating.

It is a display of private life.

It is the spectacle of frenzied collectors and prices on artworks.

Who is the orchestrator of this spectacle?

Who enjoys it?

Who dictates?

At some point, it felt like we were watching ourselves being watched, a hall of mirrors.

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