Sunday, July 20, 2008

A note on the film that we are screening on 9th Aug at our exhibition:

Mein liebster Feind (My Best Fiend) was a documentary made by Werner Herzog as a tribute, or love letter, to his long-time partner in film, actor Klaus Kinski.

The adjectives 'volatile' and 'wild beast' are often attached to descriptions of Kinski. Herzog, meanwhile, is notorious for being 'eccentric' and extreme in his filmmaking methods.

Their hatred for each other was as deep as their love, or affection, so much so that at various times each seriously plotted to murder the other.

Their peculiar pairing eventuated in some really great films. My Best Fiend, though made after Kinski's death, is one of the best of them.

There are no plots in this documentary; just a generous insight into an unusual relationship that became the driving force for Art.

You can see why we picked this film for our show. You're welcome to stay for an informal discussion on the film and exhibition after the screening. See you at Sek San's at 3pm on the 9th.

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