Saturday, December 15, 2007

Group Show - my lazy plug

tell me to my face

An HSP Offsite Initiative

Beginning December 2007

Christchurch Mail Centre

53-59 Hereford Street

High Street Project’s Offsite Programme rounds up 2007 with an intervention in Christchurch’s central Post Office building. This exhibition, entitled tell me to my face, brings together the work of Zoe Thompson-Moore, Lydia Chai, Chris Clements, Sian Torrington, Mirabel Oliver, Gemma Stratton, Elizabeth Moyle and Justin Tripp, and invites them to produce work which deals with connectivity, interchange and communication.

On their regular trips to the HSP PO Box, curators Thomasin Sleigh and Judith Carnaby were often intrigued by the ebb and flow of the building; its labyrinthine corridors and its regulated pockets of autonomy. Spurred on by the unexpected and bizarre meeting of the man who held the PO Box immediately next to theirs, and the discovery of some unused advertising spaces in the building, Carnaby and Sleigh invited artists to produce art work which will be installed in the promotional display cases throughout the ground floor of the building. Eager to use the systems that the show seeks to interrogate, the works will be mailed back to curators, whipped out of their packaging, and installed as they gradually arrive. Beginning in December, tell me to my face will haphazardly take shape at the Christchurch Mail Centre, just as the Christmas season frenzy of wrapping, posting and gift giving takes off in earnest.

This show was not only borne out of an interest in the physical arrangement of the Post Office building but also its function as a holding zone for information and conversation, and it is hoped that the works exhibited will be catalysts for consideration of these issues amidst the hustle to receive and respond.

High Street Project
Level 1, 140A Lichfield Street
PO Box 3733
Ph: 03 3665363


Betta said...

whoop whoop. Congrats comrade. Looks sweet. I like the text.


Zedeck said...

i wanna see more ...

Anonymous said...

Pics coming soon via the curators... Mean wheel, see youse peeps soon. I'll be up in the air in a week.

Been dreaming of durians. Seriously. A little bird told me that durians are coming out right about now!

Zedeck said...

up in the air? you coming down? woo!

Anonymous said...

Coming .... up, yes! Ah, land of char kuey teow and assam laksarrrr.

Zedeck said...

we go asam laksa togedder-gedder. i dah lama tak makan.