Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Fifteen Views From Sealand, (c)2007 L Chai

If you're in Christchurch until the end of the year, do drop by the main city post office because I'm in a group exhibition called Tell Me To My Face, organized by the High Street Project as part of their off-site programme.

My work, Fifteen Views From Sealand, is made up of 15 postcards that will eventually get sent to the micronation of Sealand.

A little background is needed here. Sealand is a micronation in international waters off the coast of Britain. So micro that its population rarely exceeds 1. It was first built as a fort during the War. Its next incarnation was as a pirate radio station, until a certain Major Paddy Roy Bates proclaimed it his own nation - complete with passports, flags, coinage and stamps.

Sealand's sovereignty remains up in the air, mostly because it is so tiny that no one really cares. It's said that its location in international waters gives it the potential to be a tax (evasion) haven.

In keeping with my ongoing theme of 'footnotes', I wanted to make a work about a Sealand-centric world. After all, micronations are mere footnotes in the atlas.

I showed this to my colleague who asked me this interesting question: is the ship approaching you or is it leaving?


Betta said...

Good question.

Love the fact you'll be sending them.

Nice work, bub!

Can't wait to write bout it too.

Zedeck said...

i want to see ...

gnute said...

Answer the question! Huh? Huh?

Can't wait to read your writing.

Nice to see you here again, Z!

Zedeck said...

i feel like a transhumanist, the amount of time i'm spending awake and online ...

Antares said...

Yo, Ms Gnute! I'm pleased you've done a piece on Sealand - which fascinated me for a while. I was drawn to the idea of establishing one's own geographical domain. When I relocated in 1992 I pondered the possibility of declaring Magick River a sovereign nation. But soon realized I could do so without any legal hassles simply by disbelieving in national boundaries and governments.

Oh, I noticed you've blogrolled my Adoi! blog (thanks :-) under my name. My main blog is actually Magick River - Adoi! is just a way to make an out-of-print book accessible online.

gnute said...

Antares, now corrected my blogroll ;-). When are you gonna have my mother and me for tea at Magick River? Sounds great. Can my hubby Hati come, too... :-D

I think most people love that Sealand simply exists. It might a purely symbolic place.