Monday, November 5, 2007

Growing Up In 80s Malaysia!

This post is dedicated to anyone who's ever crooned to Sudirman...

Remember when

That radio station on the hill, Radio 4, was the only English language radio?

There was only RTM 1, 2 and 3?

The tau foo far lady came round your neighbourhood carrying her yolk?

Trishaws weren't just a touristy thing?

There was no Bandar Utama?

It took months to renew your passport… uhh nevermind

Multi-coloured Bic ballpoint pens were in?

It was a world without roti bom, cheese naan or roti tisu?

There was no North-South Highway?


Snacks were 20 sen?

We played Uno?

PMR exams were first introduced?

Bahasa Baku was introduced - saya was "sayar" not "sayerr"? And certain Malay words changed, eg "ugama" became "agama"?

Sugus was banned in schools because it contained lard (gelatin)?

Pens resembling syringes were banned? (Dadah membawa maut, mah)

Popular Culture

Remember when

The pig scene from Disney's Beauty & The Beast was censored in the cinema?

Deanna Yusoff was in virtually every tv advertisement?

"Malaysia's Michael Jackson", Sudirman, sang on Star Search and launched his coke drink 'Sudi' which we scrambled at the canteen to buy?

Raja Ema sang "Oh, Sayang"?

Zainal Abidin sang "Hijau"?

Amy from Search sang the song, starred in the movie, "Isabella"?

Remember the successful tv series Jangan Ketawa that was subsequently taken off the network because it featured two transvestites?

Yaohan opened in KL and it was the biggest mall then? Then Subang Parade opened and it was the biggest?

Malek Noor, our national bodybuilding champion, was "Ujang"?


Remember when

Tunku Abdul Rahman passed away and the nation shut down for a day?

Our handsomest sultan, Sultan Azlan Shah, sultan of Perak, was Yang Di-Pertuan Agong? (pictured here in his current glory; sorry I couldn't find an 80s era photo... This one's taken from

Your parents came to pick you up from school early because a Malay had run amok with an M-16 in Chow Kit (sparking fears of another May '69 riot)?

Opposition party Semangat 46 was still around?

Malaysia hosted CHOGM? (This event is well documented in Lat comics.)


Betta said...

apa cerit, beb? so much nostalgia...

gnute said...

Homesick la beb.