Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yay for Irene

I'm very pleased to share the news that Irene Fernandez has scored a victory in her fight for justice - after 11 years. She has won her case against Utusan Malaysia (interestingly, it used to be called Utusan Melayu) for publishing lies about her when she was arrested for publishing her report on the abuse suffered by migrant workers in Malaysia.

She gets RM200,000 in damages. IMO, stretch that to 11 years and it really doesn't amount to that much. Still, I am happy that the judge condemned Utusan for irresponsible journalism - take note, all ye journos and would-be journos!

Despite this win, Fernandez still hasn't completely cleared her name. She is still considered by the government to be a traitor for supposedly writing lies about our country and, after her 1-year imprisonment, has limited civil liberties - which means she may or may not be able to contest in the upcoming elections.

I tell you arrr, if elections happens while I'm in Malaysia this year, you can count on me lining up to pencil my X in the right box.

Marilah mari / mari mengundi / jangan lupa kewajipan / pada negara...

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Anonymous said...

Fernandez is a very inspiring Malaysian - definitely a role model for every young person. She's our hope that there's hope for Malaysia.

Sorry you aren't around to vote in March, but for the rest who will be, my hope is for a better Malaysia after this.