Monday, July 2, 2007


Alas, today I am bedridden.

The 'Footnotes' postcards that I made are already on show at Lost Generation Space even though the NTB fest doesn't open until late July. Here's my favourite one...

Visitors at the festival will be able to submit their addresses to have these postcards sent to them. Now that the series is completed, I feel rather sad to see them go. But I hold on to my initial intention of giving them away to strangers. People will be able to own an original artwork. It will be like I have sent them a personal note. Sounds so cheesy but, it is one of the more intimate expressions that I reserve for my own friends. Thankfully, I've documented all of them!

1 comment:

Betta said...

Darling if this one is a taste of what else you'll have on offer, all I can say - wow.

I really love it, so gorgeous, so pleasurable to look at, so poignant.

Yes, it must have been hard to let them go. But in some sense liberating as well, I'm sure.

Blown away. Can't wait to see :)