Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Mantra For 2007

The I is not me.
It is the horse on which I ride.
Watch it rising, moving, urging...

I am not my feelings,
I am not my desires.


junkit said...

there is no I, as some say.

Betta Under the Radar said...

Hullo hullo

I am leaving you somethign on your blog. Which is this message.

Would love to do a show with you. For real. Lots of video stuff on my part...

But when? when? when?

gnute said...

Jun Kit: Precisely, but I haven't quite bought the notion yet.

Betta: Wah talking shop. Okay, did you go that website I sms'd you? We need a theme. We need words. We need props. We need a UN summit and humour. Let's think about it summore. I'm thinking mid-year.

catinthebag said...

I need to solve the logical loop here, for myself:

The I is not me
It is a horse which me ride on
watch it and please don't fall asleep.

Me is not I feeling
Me is not I desire.

simply because if you say I is the horse on which I the horse is riding on, the loop goes on infinitely and 'me' doesn't figure unless you say I is me which then creates a contradiction in the statement. I could explain this further but you will have to kill me.