Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Works

Surely passion is not the reserve of the dissatisfied.

It can be slow burning, rash, joyous, desperate, impatient or dignified.

Call it what you will - artistic drive, elan vital, or for others a reformasi-like passion - I have drives but they don't pain me anymore.

After a year of rebuilding infrastructure around me (getting a routine, job, friends, shrink) upon relocation, I can finally see my paintings come into their own.

It's all coming to a head now: I'll be participating in the Art +- 1000 show at V.W. and am curating an exhibition in Off The Edge which goes to print in January 2007 (remember to get your copy!).

Art +-1000 runs from 25 Nov - 23 Dec 2006. Perhaps the opening will be on the 24th. Below is a preview of 2 of the 9 works I'm showing. I've been working on this particular series for 5 months now.

Tangleroot No. 2, chinese ink on canvas (c) 2006 Gnute

Bulb, chinese ink on canvas (c) 2006 Gnute

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